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SigmaGuard 720

SigmaGuard 730

SigmaGuard 750

SigmaGuard 790

SigmaGuard CSF 650

NovaGuard 840

NovaGuard 890

PhenGuard 930

PhenGuard 935

PhenGuard 940

The information provided in this resistance list is to the best of our knowledge correct and given in good faith. It is not intended to be exhaustive and the list of cargoes is subject to change without notice. The data is liable to modification, based upon experience and our policy of continued product development. The advice provided, as guidance only, is based upon laboratory testing and user reports that are believed to be reliable. As many cargoes can be variable in composition and we have no control over the use of our products in service conditions, we accept no responsibility for the performance of the product or any loss or damage whatsoever, arising out of such use.

No rights can be derived from the content of this publication. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all products and technical advice given are subject to our standard conditions of sale (

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